Weddings & Other Events
Jennifer is available to consult with you in person or by phone in your choice of music for your event.

Receptions or longer events lasting an hour or more are generally programmed in 50 minute sets with ten minute
breaks between each set.  Background and prelude music can be chosen from
classical, Celtic or contemplative sets.

Jennifer is also available for special church services or to accompany choirs.  
In addition to these traditional marches, Jennifer is happy to play Renaissance or Irish Marches.  You can
choose from Classical, Celtic, or popular music for candle lighting or sand blending ceremonies.  Special
requests for your favorite music can usually be accommodated with 6 weeks notice.
Outdoor Events
Jennifer is happy to provide music for outdoor events.  The lightweight and portability of the "Celtic"
Harp make it especially suitable for these types of events.  However, in order to protect the harp (and
the harpist!) there are several conditions to keep in mind
Jennifer is available to play outdoors between mid May and Mid September
The harp must be protected from direct sun and rain
An alternate rain plan must be in place as the harp can not be outside in the rain
Preferred temperatures are between 65 - 90 degrees F.
The area where the harpist is to perform should be stable and fairly flat
The harp has a fairly big voice that is more than adequate for most settings.  However, if your event is in
an area with a large amount of vehicle traffic nearby or if you are hosting a reception for a large number of
guests, amplification may be necessary.  Jennifer's harp is equipped with a Fishman harp pick up.  She
uses a Crate "Limo" 50 watt amp.  The "Limo" is battery operated, allowing for amplification even in
outdoor settings.
All sample selections are performed by Jennifer Buehler.  

Bridal March from Lohengrin, Trumpet Voluntary and Trumpet
Tune from
Hymns and Wedding Music for All Harps arr. by
Sylvia Woods, used by permission

Dance of the Blessed Spirits and Theme from Jupiter from
Wedding Music for the Lever Harp arr. by Beth Kolle & Laurie
Riley, used by permission

On the Wind from
The Stirring by Mary Kahmann, used by