Jennifer plays a 36 string Thormahlen Serenade built by Dave Thormahlen of
Corvallis, Oregon.  The Serenade is made of attractive, high quality, lightweight
laminates.  Jennifer can easily transport her harp to outdoor weddings, festivals and
other events.  This harp has a big voice that is suitable for a variety of settings but
can be amplified upon request.
Lincoln—Margaret Nelson   477-7883
Heidi Heunefeld
Omaha—Mary Bircher
Karen Conoan

Pedal Harps
Lyon & Healy               
Lever harps
Dusty Strings                
Stoney End                
for a more complete listing of harp
builders go to the
Harplust List
Budget Harps
Harpsicle—available in 26 or 30 string
models.  The least expensive model is

Dusty Strings Ravenna—Available in 26
or 34 string models.   Includes a drop
down leg to adjust harp to your height

Thormahlen Serenade—Spendier than
Harpsicles or Ravennas but in my
opinion has a sound that rivals some
professional quality harps.  Serenades
come standard with high quality Camac

L & H Ogden--Concert tension and
spacing in an affordable package.  Now
available through local dealer Lou Hurst.
Online Resources
Harp Column          Includes discussion
forums, classified ads, links to harp
retailers, events calendars, and important
harp news
International Society of Folk Harpers
and Craftsmen (ISFHC).  ISFHC offers a
quarterly publication.  Chapters host
harp circles and workshops

American Harp Society (AHS).  Full
membership benefits include The
American Harp Journal published twice
yearly, various conventions, and the
opportunity to participate in various

My Favorite Harp Retailers
Melody’s Traditional Music and Harp
Shoppe—Offers a great variety of lever
harp music and music for harps of 26
strings or less in addition to pedal harp
music, recordings and traditional
instruments including harp.

Sylvia Woods Harp Center—They also
offer great music for lever and pedal
harp, recordings and gift items

Folk Mote Music & Harp Store

CD Baby—a great source for
independent recordings